Engineering Services

BTX’s systematic, professional and creative engineering process is firmly grounded in the customer’s specifications and expectations.

One of the biggest challenges of design is choosing the best from all the possible solutions. Every customer’s needs and goals are unique, requiring customized processes and plans. However, there is one overarching goal that all of our customers have in common: To optimize performance while achieving a cost basis that allows successful market penetration. We work with corporate supply chain managers to continuously evaluate their products to ensure that we are correctly aligned with the market in terms of cost and performance and adjust quickly if necessary.

Our design and development process takes into account all of the variables that determine the outcome of a new project. We create a customized manufacturing solution that will not compromise any specifications and deliver consistent results over the long-term.

As a result of our engineering support, our clients have received or are in the application process for several new patents to secure the rights of these improvements and maintain their competitive position in their markets.