[solidcore] is one of the nation’s fastest growing boutique fitness studies. Started by founder and CEO, Anne Mahlum in 2013 in Washington, DC, the company has grown to more than 70 studios by the end of 2019 and working toward 120+ studios by 2022.

At the heart of Solidcore’s famously intense workout is a proprietary piece of equipment that is lovingly called “Sweatlana.” Sweatlana is a Pilates machine designed to support an infinite number of challenging exercises designed by Solidcore’s team of coaches to maximize the results in their 50-minute workouts. The machine weighs over 400 pounds with two platforms, a moving carriage that floats on eight precision manufactured wheels providing resistance via eight springs that can be adjusted to vary the degree of difficulty for each move.

Photos by [solidcore]

After working with another supplier during their first few years, Anne recognized she needed a better manufacturing partner to meet her ambitious business growth plans. Anne started working with BTX in the fall of 2017. In just four months, BTX made a confirmation prototype and delivered the first machines in February of 2018. At savings of almost 20% over the previous supplier, BTX has produced more that 700 machines to support Solidcore’s expansion with hundreds more on order.

BTX’s engineers have worked continuously with Solidcore’s leadership team to identify further improvements and have set up a spare part logistics support system managed through BTX’s domestic warehouse in the United States. BTX also stores the machines as their U.S. warehouse so they can be delivered within less than a week when a new studio is ready to open.

“BTX has been an integral part of the long-term success and growth of [solidcore] as we have expanded to more than 70+ locations around the country. Having worked with multiple other manufacturing partners for our products over time, I can confidently say that BTX has the strongest pricing, quality, and customer service and support of anyone in the industry and I couldn’t be happier to have them on our team.”

Bryan Myers
President & COO