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TalleyRand Industries (TRi) is the food processing and safety products manufacturing division of BTX Industries, Inc.


Originally established in 1999 to provide domestic inventory stock from our centrally located warehouse in Independence, MO as a value-added service to our direct import customers, TRi has grown to become a premier supplier of protective apparel, storage and specialty products for the food, safety and industrial supply markets.

Over the past ten years, our product offering has evolved in response to feedback from our customers regarding additional products that they wanted to purchase from TRi. Using our extensive manufacturing and process engineering experience, we developed a core offering of TRi branded PPE, safety and industrial supply products to meet these opportunities. Due to the evolution of our just-in-time delivery model and in order to provide the most competitive pricing possible to our direct import customers, we phased out our domestic offering of commodity items in 2006.

In addition to the items currently available through our domestic warehouse, TRi can provide private-label items in container and less-than-container quantities of most commonly purchased food processing and safety apparel items. We also specialize in the development and improvement of new items on an exclusive supply basis for our customers. Please contact our sales department for warehouse pricing and for further information on our custom manufacturing, private-label and direct import programs.



Product Listing


 PureProtecta Aprons

  • Manufactured with TRi’s PureProtecta polyurethane resin for water-proof protection
  • Triple coated 150 denier nylon provides greater water-proofing and tear resistance, prevents de-lamination and maximizes employee comfort
  • 35″ wide, available in blue and yellow, 48″ and 55″ lengths
  • PureProtecta aprons provide medium-duty protection for tougher applications not suitable for Ethylite or PliaNyl aprons
Pure Protecta Aaprons


PureProtecta Plus Aprons

  • Manufactured with TRi’s PureProtecta Plus polyurethane resin for maximum water-proof protection and durability
  • Also reinforced with 150 denier nylon and triple-coated, PureProtecta Plus aprons provide maximum water-proofing, additional abrasion and tear resistance, without compromising employee comfort
  • Sized 35″ X 50″, sewn-in ties and neck strap, available in white
  • PureProtecta Plus aprons provide a durable, lightweight, cost effective alternative to heavier Hycar and neoprene aprons for medium to heavy-duty protection
Pure Protecta Plus Aaprons

HyTrial Aprons

  • Manufactured with TRi’s exclusive HyTrial nitrile formulation, 24 mil thick, 27 ounce material makes this the toughest apron on the market
  • Double coated 100% cotton insures strength, flexibility and water-proofing
  • Redesigned neck strap system offers greater comfort and flexibility, use with optional neck straps and reinforced buckle-grommet attachment for greater durability
  • Two waist patch options offer more protection; BP (Belly Patch) – Tough glued on, removable half-circle waist patch increases thickness to 45 mil, and BBP (Brute Belly Patch) – Permanent vulcanized, full-width waist band increases thickness to 43 mil
  • Durability, comfort and ease of cleaning are key features of HyTrial aprons
  • More flexible and lighter than typical Hycar and neoprene aprons
  • 35″ wide, available in yellow, maroon, white and black, and several lengths
  • HyTrial aprons offer the maximum protection, comfort and value
HyTrial Aaprons 

PureProtecta Sleeves

  • 75 denier nylon triple coated with PureProtecta polyurethane provides greater water-proofing and tear resistance, prevents de-lamination and maximizes comfort
  • Polyurethane resin to provide greater waterproofing and tear resistance, prevent de-lamination and maximize employee comfort
  • 18″ long, generously sized for comfort and protection, available in blue and yellow
  • PureProtecta sleeves provide medium-duty protection for tougher applications not suitable for Ethylite or PliaNyl aprons
 PureProtecta Sleeves

PureProtecta Plus Sleeves

  • Also reinforced with 75 denier nylon, but triple-coated with our PureProtecta Plus ultraurethane resin to provide maximum water-proofing, added abrasion and tear resistance, while preventing de-lamination and not compromising employee comfort
  • 18″ long, generously sized for comfort and protection, white
  • PureProtecta sleeves provide medium to heavy-duty protection and a lightweight, durable and cost effective alternative to heavier Hycar and Neoprene sleeves
 PureProtecta Plus Sleeves

HyPrene Sleeves

  • Constructed of our exclusive HyPrene neoprene, these sleeves offer the best protection against acids, solvents, fats and oils
  • 75 denier polyester coated with HyPrene, is 100% waterproof and protects against snags, punctures and abrasions
  • 18″ long, generously sized for comfort and protection, yellow
  • HyPrene sleeves offer the ultimate protection for the toughest of applications
 HyPrene Sleeves

PliaNyl Coat Aprons

  • Manufactured with TRi’s exclusive PliaNyl virgin vinyl formulation with FDA and EU approved non-carcinogenic DINP plasticizers to protect employees and products
  • PliaNyl coat aprons feature durable, heat-sealed grommets welded through two layers of vinyl to maximum strength and prevent static, corrosion and acid erosion
  • Open back with cotton ties insure breathability and secure, comfortable fit
  • Full length sleeves provide splash and clothing protection
  • PliaNyl coat aprons are available in blue, 6 and 8 mil thickness, sized Small to XL
 PlinaNyl Coat Aaprons

DuraStak and DuraStak EX Shelving Systems – NSF

  • DuraStak chrome plated shelving is NSF certified for dry storage applications
  • DuraStak EX green epoxy coated shelving is NSF certified for wet storage applications
  • Easy height adjustment and shelf relocation, universal design compatibility
  • Lightweight, durable, stable and caster friendly (see reinforced casters below)
  • Static load capacity from 330lbs/shelf (up to 18″ X 48″ shelf size) to 550 lbs./shelf (above 18″ X 48″ shelf size)
  • Available in popular shelf sizes and support pole lengths

DuraStak Reinforced Shelving Casters

  • Only reinforced caster system available on market, prevents support pole distortion
  • Sets of four, two locking casters provided
  • Maintains 80% of static load capacity
DuraStak Casters 

DuraShear AS (Anvil Shear)

  • Drop forged, carbon steel enhanced with molybdenum and chrome plated
  • Full 2″ cut range
  • Replaceable nickel anvils and stainless steel springs provided greater tool life
  • Suitable for food processing (poultry), foodservice and various industrial applications


DuraStop Stopwatch

  • Watch features include 1/100th second to 30 minute range, month/date/day display, alarm, military or standard time options
  • Stopwatch functions include split times, 1-2 fast finish, start/stop, time in/time out
  • Meets ISO 1413 shock resistance and ISO 2281 water resistance standard for food processing industry
  • Resistant to grease, fats, oil, acid, base and other organic solvents
  • Comfortable water-proof nylon lanyard to hang on wrist
  • Useful in reviewing all production, packaging and material handling procedures
Dura Stopwatch