BTX Industries has been a leader in offshore manufacturing and engineering services for American businesses for more than 30 years, providing expertise and innovative strategies that minimize risk and ensure client success.

In addition to receiving the right product at the most competitive price, your manufacturing partner must be able to advise and provide corporate supply chain professionals with end-to-end support and responsive service to help protect your business against constantly changing regulatory requirements, volatile raw material markets and the logistical challenges of a global supply chain. Small, medium and large U.S. businesses that want to succeed must choose the right partner – take a look at BTX and learn more about how we deliver the best solutions in the market.

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The past two years have been very challenging for global supply chains. Starting with the tariff increases...

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BTX Industries, Inc. provides a complete package of outsourced manufacturing solutions.

BTX Industries has been a leader in offshore manufacturing and...

American-owned and operated with professionally-staffed offices in the United States and Asia

Over 30 years of offshore manufacturing and supply chain management experience. 

Fully-integrated engineering and quality assurance.